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Cost of Service

Rotameters shall be calibrated against a primary standard such as an NIBS traceable, factory certified bubble meter or a wet test meter before initial use and every three months thereafter.

  How it Work and How Much it Cost:

                          The Calibration Services Fee is $20.00

                          We offer our spare rotameter to use while yours is being calibrate.

                           Cost to rent our rotameter while yours is being calibrate is $5


  Service Breakdown:

  1. Drop off rotameter in ziplock bag together with calibration request form in our drop off location.

  2. If you need to loan rotameter, please call our office

  3. We will collect and calibrate your rotameter within 48 - 72 Hrs

  4. We will call/txt/email you as soon as rotameter ready for pickup   

  5. Upon pickup, please pay for services. We can only accepting company check, cash or money order. 


Title 15, Chapter 1 of the Rules of the City of New York

§1-37 Sampling Equipment Requirements.



SUBJECT Quality Assurance Plans & Records: Equipment, Environmental Analyses/Air & Emissions DATE 12/17/14 PAGE 1 of 7 ITEM NO. 231.1

GPE utilize TSI Model 4046 primary calibrator has a range of 2.5 to 300 L/min (liters per minute). Volumetric flow rate is displayed continuously so adjustments to pump flow are be made in real-time.

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